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Don’t trust your data.

We’ve seen too many businesses and agencies alike misled by bad data. We’re here to assist with reporting and validate your data so you can make informed business decisions.

The Challenge?

There’s good data and bad data. Good data is validated, consistent, and offers capabilities to compare acquisition channels, determine profitability, and identify opportunities. Bad data is misleading, costly, and utterly confusing.

Your business needs reliable data to make informed decisions. Operating without this is like sprinting through a dense forest at night – it’s bound to hurt and you’ll likely get lost. This is not a difficult problem to solve and it’s not one most businesses can afford to delay, though many are either ignorant to the issue or knowingly dismiss it.

For example, Google’s Performance Max campaigns and Facebook Ads may look great, but results are often (unintentionally) over-reported. There are many discrepancies between Facebook’s reporting platform and Google Analytics. Don’t be fooled by agencies raving over Facebook success – chances are, they’re taking the numbers at face value. A simple cross-system check will show whether your conversions are real.

The Solution.

First, establish which events or metrics are important to achieving your company goals. If your goal is to increase online revenue, some key metrics may be conversion rate, average order value, cost per acquisition, and ROI. You can use secondary performance metrics like engagement rate, average session duration, and click through rate to evaluate traffic quality but at the end of the day, improving your key metrics should get you to your goals.

Next, you need to determine how your conversion events are being tracked and some points of consistency to validate them. If you’re trying to measure calls from your website, start by ensuring you’re tracking calls so you can attribute them to a campaign or channel. Then, validate the number of calls you’re receiving. If your analytics tells you your campaigns produced 400 calls in a month, but you only received 140, you know there’s an issue.

After establishing goals and validating key metrics, you need good reports. You can build reports in Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, or a spreadsheet to compare your acquisition channels. Every marketing platform has their own reporting tool, but it’s not easy to compare them without a universal reporting tool. Build reports with visuals that help you see trends over time, between channels, and between campaigns.

Why Us?

We’ve established your business needs reliable data to make informed decisions. Luckily for you, we know data analytics like the back of our hand and we’re total nerds about reporting.

With thousands of hours spent in spreadsheets and tools like Google Analytics, we’re experts in this area. We can help you establish KPI, set up Google Analytics to work for your goals, and build universal performance reports. We work with dynamic companies across many industries so we’re comfortable with any data types.

Our analytics, reporting, and data validation services are included in any marketing services we conduct for our clients’. We seriously respect client confidentiality and we take pride in watching our partners’ KPI improve over time. Whether you need comprehensive marketing services or a simple analytics audit, don’t hesitate to reach out to see if we’re a good fit.

We're Data Driven

Qualitative metrics are important, but at the end of the day, good data tells the truth. We have spent thousands of hours in Google Analytics and other data analysis platforms, and we know how to read the data. More importantly, we know how to communicate the stories it tells to our clients.

We're Business Owners

Miller Media Partners was founded by entrepreneurs that saw a need for a different kind of marketing agency. We own several companies in different industries, and we can relate to you as a decision maker in a business. We understand your priorities, your concerns, and your bottom line.

Your Goals are Our Goals

Different businesses have different goals, and various departments or projects within a business have unique goals from others within. No single KPI is going to work for every business, so we tailor our key metrics to your goals. We often prioritize primary metrics, and keep an eye on secondary metrics so we can easily pinpoint any drop in performance.

We're Specialists

As an agency, we specialize in eCommerce, retail, digital content brands, and local services. As individuals, we’re determined to hone our crafts. We recognize the industry is constantly changing, and that’s why we’re devoted to learning and growing as employees and as a company. Our members are paid fairly and our work reflects that.

Are we a Good Fit?

We Care About Your Success

We want your business to succeed. We will do whatever we can to help you achieve that. Part of finding shared success is by offering a performance-based pricing model, where our success is directly tied to your success.

Even if you want to keep it simple through a fixed rate pricing model, we still prioritize your goals like we would otherwise. The performance-based model is simply a testament to our commitment to your goals.

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