PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is essential for most businesses. 

If you’re not pushing your product on Google Ads at the very least, you’re likely leaving money on the table. We have over a decade of experience in PPC marketing and can help you grow efficiently.

Target Keywords

Pay-per-click marketing is exactly what it sounds like – you only pay when a user clicks your ad. Because of this, and no minimum spend limit, it’s extremely useful for businesses of all sizes. Even if you only have a $100 monthly budget, you can utilize PPC ads on the same playing field as big brands. This presents your business with a huge opportunity to scale quickly, and if you know what you’re doing, very profitably.

The process is simple. Build a campaign targeting the users, devices, and locations you want. Designate keywords you wish to target and assign bids to them based on your bottom line. Add some ad copy and a link to your website. Track user behavior on your site, evaluate the data, and adjust based on competition and performance.

There are a range of campaign types and possible keyword targeting strategies for every product or service. Prioritize users searching for highly relevant keywords such as “10 inch carbon steel chef knife” and supplement it with broader keywords like “steel chef knife”. With the ability to set individual bids for different keywords, you can spend more on users that are more willing to convert and less on broader traffic.

Build Audiences

Not every user is equally valuable to your business. For example, an ecommerce retailer selling luxury beauty products may find female users in the top 30% income brackets, with interests in luxury shopping may convert at a higher rate than the average user. 

The retailer can build an audience to target users meeting those criteria and bid more per click on them. Since they’re more likely to convert, the business may be paying more per click but could still be getting a better ROI.

Utilize audiences to assign bids to users that are important to you, or even exclude users you don’t want to target. You can implement audience targeting into all the different PPC advertsing networks within Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, etc.

Retarget Users

Once you’ve grown the traffic on your site, don’t stop there. Many users interact with a brand multiple times before purchasing from them. In a similar vein to abandon cart emails, you want to remind your users that they were interested in your product.

You can leverage audience targeting to retarget users that visited your site or interacted with your business previously. Build remarketing lists and campaigns around events you deem important, such as staying on your site for 10+ minutes, adding products to cart, signing up for your email list, or purchasing your product in the past. There are many uses for remarketing campaigns and it’s an easy way to leverage traffic you’ve already accumulated.

All of this may seem a bit daunting, but ad platforms are leveraging AI and machine learning to make it easier for small businesses. That said, for more complex products or campaigns, or for businesses that are serious about efficiency, consider partnering with an advertising agency like us. We’ll manage your PPC advertising and data analytics so you can be sure your dollars are being used efficiently and can focus on running your business.

We're Data Driven

Qualitative metrics are important, but at the end of the day, good data tells the truth. We have spent thousands of hours in Google Analytics and other data analysis platforms, and we know how to read the data. More importantly, we know how to communicate the stories it tells to our clients.

We're Business Owners

Miller Media Partners was founded by entrepreneurs that saw a need for a different kind of marketing agency. We own several companies in different industries, and can relate to you as a decision maker in a business. As entrepreneurs, we understand your priorities, your concerns, and your bottom line.

Your Goals are Our Goals

Different businesses have different goals, and various departments or projects within a business have unique goals from others within. No single KPI is going to work for every business, so we tailor our key metrics to your goals. We often prioritize primary metrics, and keep an eye on secondary metrics so we can easily pinpoint any drop in performance.

We're Specialists

As an agency, we specialize in eCommerce, retail, digital content brands, and local services. As individuals, we’re determined to hone our crafts. We recognize the industry is constantly changing, and that’s why we’re devoted to learning and growing as employees and as a company. Our members are paid fairly and our work reflects that.

Let's find a win-win

We Care About Your Success

Our partners’ goals are our priority. We will do whatever we can to help you achieve them. Part of finding shared success is by offering a performance-based pricing model, where our success is directly tied to your success.

Even if you prefer to keep it simple through a fixed rate pricing model, we still prioritize your goals like we would otherwise. The performance-based model is simply a testament to our commitment to your goals.

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